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A Little Bit About Us

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Hi Y’all!  I’m Leanne. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother (nana), sister, daughter, aunt, great-aunt, crocheter, crafter and baker.


I’ve been a stay-at-home mom from the time I got married 30 years ago. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long!! I’m married to a great man who is a wonderful husband and father and who works hard so that I’m able to stay home. We believe that working together and each of us doing our part, has made it possible for me to stay home. As a family our greatest times are in the outdoors. Fishing, Grilling or Camping.


We have three children. My oldest Samantha will sometimes pop in to share a little something. She keeps busy with her husband and two boys Mason (6) and Kaiden (3 years). She started her bachelors degree when her husband was stationed in Iraq. She finally graduated! I’m always amazed at when she gets it in her head to accomplish something, she doesn’t give up!  In her “downtime” she too loves to craft and bake. She is an organizer!! (She didn’t get that from me!)

Sam, Josh and family

I also have two sons:

Bryan is a welder. He love what he does! He is also madly in love with his beautiful family Brittany, Carson (5) and Luna (2 months). From time to time you will see some of Brittany’s beautiful drawings. She is an amazing artist and can’t wait to share with you her talent!

Bryan, Brittany and familyBryan and Luna

Allan is a Millwright. He also loves what he does. But most importantly he loves his family Jayme, Kaiya (4) and Nara (7 months). You will also see Jayme’s beautiful hair bows that she makes and some of her sewing projects. You won’t be disappointing! 

Allan, Jayme and FamilyNara

Here are all of my grandchildren Easter 2016

easter 2016

2 1/2 years ago we all lived together. Everyone had different circumstances that they needed to move in with us. It was a crazy time! It was also the time that we started this blog. Even though I do most of the work for the blog, our entire family is involved one way or another. It make for a fun, yet interesting time! Now most are back on their own. I’m grateful that they didn’t move far away. 

If there is one thing that I’m most proud of, it’s my children’s love for each other! I love how close they all are and how they are always helping each other out. One thing that moms always want is for their kids to be happy and to have a strong relationship with their siblings!

Thank you for stopping by to meet us! I do hope you enjoy your time here at Texas Crafty Kitchen.

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Leanne is a wife of 30 year, has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. She has been blogging for over 2 1/2 years and love to meet new people. She also love to crochet, craft, and bake. Most importantly, she loves to spend time with her family.