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Hello and Welcome to Texas Crafty Kitchen!

We are transitioning from a DIY/Craft blog to a Lifestyle blog. While the transition is happening, we wanted you to know what to expect here at Texas Crafty Kitchen. A place where mom’s can come to get help on anything with : Family, The Home, DIY/Crafts, Making & Saving Money, Adventure, and anything Lifestyle. We will also be sharing some great style and shopping guides. Our main goal is to help! Please know that we would love for you to reach out to us at any time.

We are a family ran blog. A mom, daughter and two daughter-in-laws all participate. 

Would you like to know a little about each of us? If so keep reading. Otherwise you might want to start with our 

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All About Us


profilepicture2013 (310x420)Leanne is the Mom and Mother-in-law to Samantha, Brittany and Jayme. She is a wife, mother, grandmother (nana), sister, daughter, aunt, great-aunt, crocheter, crafter and baker. Leanne handles all blog posting, tech-side of the blog and the main “owner” of Texas Crafty Kitchen.

She was raised in a strong family and learned from a young age that faith in God and family are what matters most in life.






She has been a stay-at-home mom from the time she got married 31 years ago. She has a wonderful husband (called Hubs on the blog) and father. He works hard so that she is able to stay home.

–“We believe that working together and each of us doing our part, has made it possible for me to stay home.” –Leanne


We love to spend time as a family. During the time when we were all living together , has helped us become closer as a family. We have always enjoyed the outdoors. Fishing, Grilling, Going to the beach, Camping and so much more!

 Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Samantha is Leanne’s oldest child. She just accepted a job as a 5th grade math teacher. Samantha will still participate with the blog. She is great with DIY/Crafts, an organizer, and is extremely thrifty. She is the one behind Things You Need to Know Before Extreme Couponing and convinced Leanne to try it. She also has helped with many other post throughout the blog. Samantha keeps busy with her husband Josh and two boys Mason (7) and Kaiden (4 years). She even worked on her bachelors degree while her husband was deployed to Iraq.  She since has gotten her degree and passed the State requirements to teach. 

–“I’m always amazed at when Samantha gets it in her head to accomplish something, she doesn’t give up! She is teaching her children the importance of family and I’m proud to be her mom!”  –Leanne

Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Brittany is married to Leanne’s oldest son Bryan. She is the true artist. Her freehand drawing is unbelievable! Brittany is also the part-time photographer for Texas Crafty Kitchen and the family photographer. She took most of the pictures on this page. Brittany does anything freehand art and works on DIY/Crafts like the Kids Activity Center. She did a wonderful job on them and is currently working on a few other project. She and Bryan have 2 adorable children Carson (6) and Luna (1).

— “Brittany is such a fun-loving person. We are so envious of her drawing skills! Brittany is loved by all and we appreciate all the she does for the entire family!” –Leanne

Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Texas Crafty Kitchen About Us

Jayme is married to our youngest son Allan. Jayme loves to make hair-bows for her girls and Luna. She love DIY/Crafts, is learning YouTube and will be taking over our YouTube channel once we start it up. She will also be running our Instagram account! Make sure to follow along. Jayme also is our planner! She has gotten us all hooked on planning! She and Allan keep busy with their two daughters Kaiya (5) and Nara (1 1/2). Jayme is also very proud of her Native American Heritage and rightfully should be!

— “Jayme is our social butterfly! Meaning, she is great on YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat. She has made our family complete, bringing lots of laughter and more love into our lives.” –Leanne

Jayme’s Hair-Bows

Texas Crafty Kitchen About UsTexas Crafty Kitchen About Us

–“If there is one thing that I’m most proud of, it’s my children’s love for each other! I love how close they all are and how they are always helping each other out. One thing that moms always want, is for their kids to be happy and to have a strong relationship with their siblings!” — Leanne

Thank you for stopping by to meet us! We do hope you enjoy your time here at Texas Crafty Kitchen.


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Leanne is a wife of 30 year, has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. She has been blogging for over 2 1/2 years and love to meet new people. She also love to crochet, craft, and bake. Most importantly, she loves to spend time with her family.