Red Velvet Cake

written by Leanne
Red Velvet Cake


**Warning**This is not your traditional Red Velvet Cake. As I was making this cake the memories started flowing. Growing up this cake started out to be just my dad’s birthday cake. It has since turned into THE birthday cake everyone wants.

Red Velvet Cake

I remember after getting married going to the store and seeing a red velvet cake. I was so excited I bought it. When I got home I couldn’t wait to have a piece. I took my first bite and was so disappointed!  Red velvet cake wasn’t suppose to have cocoa in it!

I never even thought to get my mom’s recipe. I heard it was hard to make and at that time I was definitely not a cook. So I just looked forward to birthdays at mom’s.

The years went by and I got more comfortable with cooking and trying new recipes. I decided it was time to make this cake. It turned out terrible! I didn’t get the icing right at all and the whole thing slid across the plate and onto the counter! So needless to say I decided to leave it up to my mom to make.

It wan’t until a couple years ago when my mom came to visit. She had asked if there was anything she could make for our oldest grandson’s birthday. We said red velvet cake. This time I watched as she was making it. She explained that the secret to the icing and the cake coming together was to make sure that I followed the directions completely, especially the mixing times of the icing. So, if you make this cake, make sure you follow the mixing time exactly!

Do you have a favorite family recipe that you love and had to work at to learn to make?

Red Velvet Cake


Red Velvet Cake
  1. 1 Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Yellow cake mix
  2. 2 bottles red food color
  1. 2 T. Flour
  2. 1 C. Milk
  3. 1 C. Sugar
  4. 1 C. Butter
  5. 1 t. Vanilla
  6. Strawberry Jam
  1. Fix cake according to package instructions and add food coloring. Bake and cool.
  2. While cake is baking in a small sauce pan cook flour and milk. Stir until thickened and then set aside. Cool completely.
  3. When everything is cooled, split each round layer and spread with strawberry jam.
  4. Icing - Beat the sugar, butter and vanilla together for 4 minutes, make sure to scrape the sides when needed. Then add flour paste and beat for an additional 4 minutes.
  5. Top strawberry jam with icing. Assemble cake. Chill completely in refrigerator before serving.
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