Are You Quick to Judge?

written by Leanne
Are You Quick to Judge

I usually do not post about current events, but the story in the news this past weekend has been eating at me! The gorilla that was killed to save a boys life has been splattered everywhere! What floors me the most? How quickly people judge!

Are You Quick to Judge

Are You Quick to Judge?

The slander of the Zoo’s response team and of the mother of the 4 year old boy is unbelievable! Everyone is going off videos that have surfaced. Were you there? Have you ever been a mother of a very active 4 year old boy? Have you ever been in charge of the safety of 10’s of thousands of people at a zoo?

These are the questions that kept running through my mind as I was watching and reading all about the event. We as a society have become “experts” in all things. Not to mention, with social media we’ve become very vocal without concern for others. Is it necessary to attack? How about just comments of sympathy for both the Zoo and the mother!

Cincinnati Zoo-Harambe

Photo by Jeff McCurry- Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Zoo Response Team

I’ve never been in charge at a zoo. Have you? I can’t imagine the responsibility they have. Not only to the animals but to the visitors of the zoo. They go through training for situations like this. Before anyone attacks me, I am a huge animal lover and it broke my heart that the gorilla had to be put down, but it also breaks my heart that we have to keep them in enclosures for us to be able to enjoy. You’d think with technology, we could keep them in their own habitat and view them instead of keeping them in enclosures. I have been to zoos before and yes, they are great fun and a huge learning experience for us all. Zoos do help keep endangered animals safe, but as with life, nothing is completely safe.

I say this to the Zoo Staff….I’m so sorry for the loss of Harambe! What a hard decision that you had to make. The loss of any animal is hard, but when it happens in a terrifying situation it has to be unbelievably hard! My deepest condolences to you all.

Here’s a suggestion. How about having some sympathy for the Zoo’s staff? They had to make a hard decision very quickly. 

The Mom

Have you ever been a mom to a very active little boy? I have! I have two that are 17 months apart. They are much older now, but I will never be able to forget the times when they were little and nearly gave me heart-failure! Little ones are quick, curious, and tend to not listen very well. If you are a mother and have judged this mom for this situation then “shame on you!!”. 

Oh I know, we love to tell other mom’s how they are doing things wrong! Like we are without fault. Let me say this, no one on this earth is without fault! Who are we to judge? This poor mom just went through a terrifying experience and what happens? She is attacked! Really? is this what we have become? She’s probably playing and replaying the whole situation in her head, feeling like the worse mother out there. What do people do? Attack!! 

I say to this mother… I’m so very sorry that you had to go through this. Little ones are so quick and sneaky! It is sometimes hard to keep track of everything that they do, especially when you are caring for another child. They know when mom’s are looking and that is when they try to get away with doing things they aren’t suppose to be doing.  I do hope that your son is doing well and that you can get past this terrible situation. Know that you aren’t the only mom out there that has been through a terrifying situation. Thank God your son is okay and will heal in time. Keep doing the best you know how!

Here’s a suggestion. How about some encouraging words to the mother? 

My Final Words

It is our responsibility as a society to help build each other up, not tear each other down. Could you imagine what would happen in this world if we did more of this, than being quick to judge? 

Are You Quick to Judge

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